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ūüé£Welcome to Skips guide to fishing!ūüé£
This page contains the commands, and a step by step on how to fish on blockcraft with our own special custom fishing plugin.

Lets start with the commands you might which to use in game.

/Bait - One of the most important commands while holding your rod in your main hand this opens the bait gui for adding and removing baits!

/pointshop - Points win prizes, Using this command opens a shop where you can purchase things using the points you get from fishing during the comps! (dont worry on prices,they rack up fast!) 

/Leaderboards fishing
- This brings up the top 9 Fishers on the server and their grand total of how many fish have been caught since the plugin was launched! Will you be number 1? 

/Leaderboards points - Like the fishing leadboard, this brings up the players with the most points saved on the server, As you spend they will go down, Spend or save, You choose!

/Warp Docks - This is the communal fishing area, Here you'll find the Bait crate, The leaderboard which is active during the comp and a points leaderboard inside the Fishing dock main HQ

Now we have the basics for commands covered, Lets get into the actual fishing!
The excitement builds, The bossbar appears top of your screen, you hurry to the docks and cast your rod into the water... a BITE... now the fun begins. 
On screen a visual bar will pop up with a moving slider, You aim is to RIGHT click whenever the moving bar hits the white spot. 
Two misclicks and the fish will get away! Certain baits provide you a faster chance to catch fish, More on that later, however the usual correct clicks without bait enchancers is 4! 

The visual Bar will look like this in the image above.

You did it! You caught a fish! Congratulations, You've now learned how to catch a fish on Blockcraft! 
But skip...now what do it do with them....

Well since you can no longer sell the excess fish to the sell shop, You can trade, create monuments and collect the fishing heads, The beauty with having our own special custom plugin is fish will change from time to time so you'll need to be a regular fisher to catch them all!!


So the big one, Once in game you can see the baits available, These work to increase your chances of catching certain fish. Certain baits are better for certain catagories of fish, some are wild cards to keep things interesting. Your /bait menu will appear empty until you place a bait into the slots :) However unlike the old plugin, baits are now removable and have a "use" counter these will depleate per comp!

Baits like "common bait" for example are self explanitory, They work best for catching common fish (handy for specific fish comps), Legendary and so on and so on, you get the picture. 
Some baits are wild cards, by this i mean they also contain special abilities and those are listed below.

Increased Chance - Increase chance to gain more than just fish like enchanted books for example.
Insane Luck - Gives x{2-4} of the rewarded fish instead of x1 More fish, more points ! 
Fast Hunt - Lower by x{1-2} the total times needed to solve the puzzle when you try to catch a fish (by puzzle we mean the sliding bar its not maths dont panic !)

Points - Points win prizes is the goal here, Each fish you catch has a points value assigned to it, More you catch more points you get, higher the catagory of fish the more points its worth! You can exchange these for prizes in the /pointshop 

Comp Times - Below are the listed comp times for the Largest Fish Comps only. Specific fish and most fish comps are random. (All times are in GMT)

  - 09:00

  - 12:00

  - 15:00

  - 19:00

  - 20:00

  - 22:00

  - 02:30

Well, Now all that remains is to go and have fun and enjoy the fishing on blockcraft.