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Welcome to Blockcraft!
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    Here some of our useful commands ingame:
  • /msg [player] [message]: Send a private message
  • /Pay [player] [money]: Transfer to other player some money
  • /warp: [warp name] Get teleported to points of interest on the server
  • /spawn: Teleport to the servers spawn
  • /Bal: Check your ingame money balance
  • /Sethome: [homename] Set yourself a home spawn point
  • /claimslist: See how many claimblocks you have left
  • /Vote: Voting for the website for ingame ranks and vote crate keys 
  • /Rankup: Once you have voted use rankup for even more perks and cool ingame rank titles!
  • /tpa [player]: request to teleport to a player
  • /trust [player]: add a player to a claim
  • /abandonclaim: remove the claim you are standing in
  • /parkour leave: command to leave the parkour without clicking the sappling
  • /pvpt: turn pvp on or off